Our work to end human trafficking is built on a simple foundation — we believe in the dignity of every person and inherent value of every human life.

In contrast, the trafficker and the buyers who exploit the women and children they purchase believe that human life has value only if it generates profit or provides pleasure. This is true even in the case of pregnant women and their children in the womb.

Human trafficking impacts all aspects of the victim’s health, but especially gynecological, reproductive, procreative, and related survivor health issues.  Studies show that females have multiple pregnancies, miscarriages, and abortions in trafficking.

For the trafficker, abortion is an easy and fail-safe method to keep making money. For trafficking victims unless there is an intervention, there is no choice, not in what they are forced to do or to do to their living child in the womb.

Life Freedom Alliance …  

  • giving both life, freedom, hope, and healing
  • helping trafficking victims through training, research, reporting, rescue, and providing resources to pregnant survivors and their children…  

An alliance giving voice to survivors that will both empower and bring healing…working together to give life and freedom to both mother and child.